Kim Kean

Speech-Language Pathologist Louisville, KY


A Word

From Our Founder

“Kim Kean is founder of Triad Speech Therapy, LLC based in Louisville, Ky.
Our founder is an ASHA certified and Kentucky licensed Speech Language Pathologist with 10 years of experience working with both children and adults to enhance their communication skills. Our Founders love for the power of language and communication began in college as a Political Science major. In this major a great deal of writing and speaking for influence were required – that is where our founder realized the power of words. After working for a few years in jobs related to Political Science our founder felt a longing to do work in a more “helping profession.” After having a first child, our founder returned to school to pursue a second Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Montevallo (Alabama).

When our founder became a mom of two the family relocated to Virginia where our founder studied for a Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Hampton University. Via clinical fellowships and work assignments, Our founder gained phenomenal experience in a variety of treatment settings (schools, a hospital, long-term care, nursing homes, home health and private practice) while working with a diverse range of clients. Our founders treatment philosophy: meet the client where they are and help them grow to their fullest potential by infusing therapeutic interventions with their interests.

Our founder specializes in helping children, teens and adults with oral-motor deficits develop the skills for coordinated production of connected speech. Our founder is trained in two protocols, PROMPT and Talk Tools, both of which are tactile-kinesthetic approaches that use touch cues and implements applied to a client’s articulators (jaw, tongue, lips) to manually guide them to target sounds, words, phrases and sentences.

Our founder has a wide range of experience and training in all areas of communication disorders, and feel confident that our founder cultivates the ability to make therapy a meaningful, interactive and growth oriented process.”


Kim Kean, M.A., CCC-SLP/L