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Kim Kean M.A., CCC-SLP/L

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Speech Therapy

Reach out to Triad Speech Therapy when you note that your students are struggling in the classroom. We are here to help with cultivating speech and language skills, across all domains, to help students become confident in their ability to express themselves and demonstrate comprehension!

Articulation / Phonology

A child with an articulation delay or phonological disorder may distort, substitute or omit one or more speech sounds.


Receptive and Expressive

A child with delayed receptive language skills often has difficulty understanding language. This child may have difficulty comprehending vocabulary or concepts, understanding questions, or following directions. A child with an expressive language delay may have problems communicating orally or in writing.

Central Auditory Processing

A child with a central auditory processing disorder may have difficulty comprehending speech in backgrounds of noise or competing speech. Other problems may include distractibility, inattentiveness and short attention span, difficulty understanding verbal directions, and poor memory for auditory information, particularly for linguistically complex messages.